The Luseland Credit Union continues to support local schools in the west central region, as they recently donated money to the Luseland School for their clock replacement program. Clocks currently read 12:00 all over the school, and the donated money will help the school replace the clocks throughout.  

LCU General Manager Adam Franko gives the details on how much the Credit Union gave the Luseland School. 

“We donated $2500 to their clock replacement project. What I understand these are the clocks throughout the entire school. They have actually been inoperable for quite some time now and they normally would run their buzzer system or the bell system through it. So, there's definitely a need for the school and we were happy to be a part of it,” Franko said 

The Luseland Credit Union did not stop there, as they are also going to donate $2500 to the Kerrobert Football Association for their lights project for the upcoming season, according to Franko.  

Luseland Credit Union has a Ag Outlook session coming up on February 2. The business hours as of February 1 will be Monday-Wednesday, and Friday regular hours, and Thursdays will be open late until 6:00 pm. It will be closed on Saturdays, unless there is a local event like the Fall Fair and Santa Claus Day for example.