FoodMesh Kindersley continues to help those in need of food, and will continue to do so this holiday season, with Christmas dinners being available once again this year. 

Barbe Dunn with FoodMesh said the meals are already done and will be handed out the week before Christmas. 

Dunn also gave an update on what FoodMesh has been up to in 2023.  

“We have found that the need is continuing to grow as people are having to make do with less. The caliber of people that we have, and that we serve are just amazing. We have such wonderful people that come through our doors and some of those people have become some of our best volunteers. So, it's a win, win situation for everybody. We're finding that our expanding influences again within that hour, we have people from Macklin, Luseland, Rosetown, all those different places. The need doesn't lessen, let's put it that way.” 

If you know someone in need of a Christmas dinner or food this holiday season you can contact Barbe directly at 306-460-9304.

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