The Eston Lions Club continued its annual tradition of putting in a new crop for the growing season. This year the crop is barley, and Club President Matthew Toner said the project started back in 2000. He explains where the land is for the crop project. 

“There's some around the landfill that the Town owns and then around their producer car loading facility that we farm so they don't have to manage it there,” Toner said. 

The proceeds from the crop project go back into the Lions Club, and Toner mentioned some of the things the money will go towards. 

“A lot of that money stays in Town here. Then the odd time we buy a guide dog through Lions Foundation of Canada when we got the funds to do that,” Toner added. 

The Lions Club will also be helping out the special Town of Eston summer kickoff from June 10 to 12. 

“There's a ball hockey tournament on June 11th here in Town. We’re having a summer kickoff weekend so the Lions are running the ball hockey. We also have a firewood project that's ongoing where we procure and sell Birch firewood in Town,” Toner said. 

Eston ball hockey 2019The 2019 ball hockey tournament put on by the Eston Lions Club. Photo from @EstonLionsClub Twitter. 

The ball hockey tournament begins with registration at 12:00 pm for kids 16 and under, and things get underway at 1:00 pm. 

Expect to hear more from the Town of Eston, as the Summer Kickoff Weekend nears.