The Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show kicked off yesterday with an opening chain cutting ceremony, awards Luncheon, and speeches from Premier Scott Moe, Regina—Qu'Appelle MP Andrew Sheer, and Conservative Leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre. 

Premier Scott Moe said it’s important to come back together after being unable to have the show since 2019. 

“It’s one of the most significant industries that we have in this province, it’s responsible for 25 percent of our exports, and I think as we look into the years ahead, that's going to be a larger number than it even is today,” said Moe. “I think the fact that everyone has come together to have the Weyburn Oil & Gas Show, which is the premier show in Saskatchewan, one of the best shows in Canada, I think really is a true testament to Saskatchewan people and a true testament to the resiliency of the industry.” 

Moe said cutting-edge innovation, and world-class information can be seen at the show.  

“It's not only providing and producing the most sustainable energy in the world, in doing so, but it's also providing energy security to our nation, to our continent and ultimately be a part of supplying that energy security to the world. We are seeing what can happen is on full display in the European Union what can happen when you don't value energy security, so this is a conversation that Canada and North America need to get to very quickly.”   

Moe added he is on his way to New York this weekend, and then to Washington to advocate on behalf of the oil and gas industry. 

“We're going to be engaging with a number of senators and house representatives specific to the energy security conversation, and how Saskatchewan can play a role in that conversation today with the oil and gas that we have, and how we can expand that supply for North Americans, and ultimately how it is the cleanest oil you can find anywhere on earth and you should be purchasing it from us.”   

Moe said they will be advocating for the oil and gas sector in its entirety, but specifically to the southeast part of the province.