A few hometown performers were on stage in Kindersley at the Red Lion Inn this past weekend.

The Radiant and Hollow Oax were the two headline groups performing, opened up by solo artist Curtwood Bearsman, better known to his friends as Curtis Ehresman.

Friday night was one to support local music, and for Ehresman, it was his first live gig in years so he was happy to shake the dust off with one of his newly released songs.

Ehresman talked about opening the show.

"One of my friends, he's from Kindersley too but lives in Saskatoon, he's the bass player for The Radiant," he started, "Basically he told me his band was playing a show here with my other friends band, Hollow Oax."

When Ehresman got the offer he knew the answer had to be yes.

"Why not? It's my friends, it's local, and I haven't played a gig in a few years."

Ehresman commended the Kindersley crowd who must have enjoyed the nice mix of music.

"There was no place to sit. I am assuming we reached capacity at the RL."

Ehresman had the ball rolling with on-stage performances prior the the pandemic. Most live music was cancelled for over a year, and that mixed with life getting in the way led Ehresman a little more astray from his alter-ego, Bearsman.

"Work and finishing a degree and everything." recalled the busy musician. Ehresman is glad to be back in the saddle once again. "It was a good excuse for me to finally get out there and play a show, so I will have to try and do another one here somewhere."

As mentioned already when Ehresman hit the stage he performed a new song. He gave some background on what inspired him to write his new tune "Wedding Song".

"My new song, it's just an acoustic instrumental, there are no lyrics." shared Bearsman, "

"I wrote it last summer. I was invited to three of my really good friends weddings, and they were just such a good time. So much happiness and fun and all that, so it inspired me to write sort of an upbeat, happy, folk, acoustic instrumental song."

Ehresman has gotten good reception so far after Wedding Song's release. Even more props have come in after his on-stage performance, as that recent feeling might be just what it takes for Ehresman to find more places to perform his music.