Curtwood Bearsman recorded 9 new songs for an album this weekend. He also recorded his single "Minus Forty", which he had debuted on the Classic Hits Radio morning show with Devin Brown Friday January 13th.

He mentioned that his parents played a big part in his musical venture and that there's videos of him dancing to Guns and Roses at 2 years old. Classic Rock is the biggest genre of music in his playlist. He listed Nirvana as a major influence for his style of music, and Metallica as his gateway into heavy metal music.

Bearsman has been a band member and has also started his own bands. He's played piano, guitar and sang. He lived overseas for a couple of years and credits travel for adding a little flavour to his tunes. He wrote a song called "Middle Earth" which was inspired by his travels in New Zealand.

Here's Minus Forty:

Listen to his interview before playing the song live below: