Spring has sprung and once again the annual search is on for the worst roads in Saskatchewan. CAA's Worst Roads campaign is back for another year with the objective to showcase the most run down and beat up roads which raise safety concerns for drivers in the province.

Last year, the top spots were occupied by two highways in West Central Saskatchewan. #2 on the list was Highway 30 which stretches from the Eston Riverside Regional Park, North to Highway 7. Meanwhile, Highway 44 was deemed the worst stretch of road in Saskatchewan. Spanning from Davidson all the way to the Alberta border, the worst stretch of the highway is located in the Eston area. 

Majority of votes from last year's campaign said potholes were the reason the two highways are in such poor condition. 

CAA Worst Roads Roving Reporter, Angel Blair heads out to the communities near the top 5 worst roads from the previous year and speaks with residents and road users. Earlier this week, Blair spoke with commuters who reside near or in Eston and travel on Highway 44 frequently. 

Some remarks Blair heard were: "It’s pretty miserable – lots of potholes and wash boardy spots, you definitely have to be paying attention and not much of a shoulder on either side.” Another motorist saying "No it didn’t surprise me one bit – you live in this area, and everyone knows from here to Glidden that it’s a horrendous highway.”

The terrible roads are not only affecting drivers, but also local businesses including visitors to the Eston Riverside Regional Park. 

"That whole extended 30 is a disaster to travel and dangerous so it cuts back on people travelling to the regional park to use it for camping, golfing, and relaxing at the swimming pool - they have got so that they do not want to go there anymore because of the roads.” said one community member.

In light of last year's results, a section of Highway 44 between Eston and Glidden will receive an upgrade this spring. Last summer, Kindersley MLA Ken Francis provided some good news. 

"The Ministry of Highways has plans to upgrade 7 km of Highway 44 in stages, starting with 1.5-2 km in 2024. The initial focus is the Madison area, with crushing and stockpiling beginning this fall." said Francis. "I am grateful and excited to see the progression on the upcoming improvements on Highway 44.”

Voting for CAA's Worst Roads Campaign is now open until April 29 with the winner being announce April 30th. Votes can be submitted once per day at caask.ca/worstroads.