West-central residents have been enjoying nicer weather lately, many people breaking out their bicycles! Included as part of the Biggar RCMP's most recent report, detachment commander SGT. Dereck Crozier shared a few reminders on bike safety.

Crozier's comments came following some early season complaints from motorists regarding the pedal bike traffic of youngsters.

"It is that time of year again when our streets will be shared for various activities and it is the responsibility of everyone to be mindful of all users and watchful for those that are distracted with their busy lives or just having a momentary lapse of judgement."

It's a tricky situation at times, because while four-wheels struggles to mesh with two-wheels, people on their own two feet are also forced to be extra aware. Crozier said it's important for these three parties to meet in the middle, and utilize the sidewalk as a nice buffer.

"Sidewalks are for pedestrian only and not for faster moving bikes, however, there will be times when you might see a youngster out with their family on a sidewalk where it would not be practical and safe to have them on road." stated Crozier, hoping that parents will take on the responsibility of teaching proper bike etiquette to their kids.

For those who feel mature enough to ride on their own, they need to remember the rules of the road like stopping at intersections, and observing the right of way. It's important for cyclists to treat traffic as if they were a passenger vehicle themselves.

"Let’s all safely enjoy our roads and walking paths and remind each other of safe biking practices and to all motorists. Please remain alert when behind the wheel and reduce your speeds in town."

With that out of the way, and the latest police activity from the detachment available below, Crozier as always relayed that residents "take care out there".