Around 20 small pigs were unable to make their way home looking at the latest Biggar RCMP report. They didn't get to the market either, after "meeting their end" on Highway 14 headed west.

Finding out just where the livestock came from was the main question being asked by police in the latest report. Detachment commander Sgt. Dereck Crozier confirmed that they received multiple calls on the matter, with little answers.

"It is unclear exactly where from, how, and when the pigs came to be on the highway. The Department of Highways was notified of the required clean-up."

Biggar members were faced with a variety of calls during the week. One report detailed a 23-year-old individual driving around town with a learners license. Members also dealt with a gas theft during the week, as a Saskatoon resident was quickly tracked down and had no problem clearing their tab. 

Mischief and vandalism was noted after a police suspect wrote "Meth Head" on the brick of a home in town. Other disturbance calls included a false alarm for a break-in, as the wind had opened the door. A mother and daughter were also reported for disturbing the peace after being found in a screaming match outside of their residence. The opposite of a disturbance, another call saw members requested by neighbours to perform a well-being check to an 80-year-old person in Baljennie.

A pair of court dates were also confirmed looking at the latest report. A 30-year-old who "intentionally broke their nemesis' window", an act caught on camera, was arrested, and then another 30-year-old in the area was arrested on domestic assault charges. Both individuals will appear in court on May 1.

Biggar members responded to a total of 36 calls for service looking at the April 15 report. Police also handed out eight warnings, and five tickets to drivers for traffic violations.