1932 - 2022 Jerry Flanagan passed away November 9th at the age 90.

Statement from Kindersley Raiders representative Brady Newmeyer:

"Jerry was a guy that we all looked up to as young ball players. He was there to support Senior Baseball and Minor Ball in the community. Everyone learned lots about the game from him including how to be a good player all the way to how to manage a team. He will be missed in his parking spot, as well as at the ballparks. The Raiders send our condolences to the Flanagan family."

Quote from Kindersley Raiders player Byron Ismond:

"He always spoke his mind, especially when it came to baseball. I remember him telling us a story about when they needed to dry the diamond up. They'd hit it with some diesel and light it on fire. It'll dry up pretty quick! He had a lot of respect for the game and said when the umpire makes a call it's always the right call."

There will be a Memorial Service for Jerry on Saturday, November 19, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. from St Paul's United Church with Reverend Piotr Strzelecki officiating.

Listen to Byron Ismond's interview reminiscing about Flanagan below.