A Kindersley organization was finally able to host their annual event this past weekend after 3 years. 

The Kindersley Wildlife Federation held their 2023 awards banquet on the 11th and was welcomed back by the community wholeheartedly. Although the banquet occurred during several other events in the area on Saturday, it was well attended, says Brooke Kachmarski who is involved with the KWF. 

“We sold about 140 out of the 200 tickets, which we said wasn't too bad, considering there were a few other local community events going on. It was a great success, and everybody got out for a good night out. The Wildlife Federation had amazing support from the whole community throughout the fundraising part of it and from the people that attended the banquet.” 

A weather system moving through the province during the banquet kept some attendees from making it, but many claimed tickets were accounted for.  

Money raised will be finalized in the coming days and Kachmarski listed areas where the money will be directed. 

“There is definitely some cost in keeping the local gun range going. It goes towards maintenance out there, a little bit in the clubhouse, trap machines, backstops on the rifle ranges, equipment to keep things looking good. It's not like one huge individual project that we're fundraising for. It's really that whole broad spectrum of stuff that we support throughout the community.” 

Supplies and books for hunter safety courses are also purchased with the funds. 

Kachmarski’s father, Dan also involved with the KWF was glad to see the turnout after a 3-year hiatus. 

“The community was over and above, a very good response on helping us out which was really nice.” 

Plans are in motion for next year’s awards banquet.