Luckily during Monday night's storm, there wasn't much for damage around the West Central corner of the province, and although there were accidents any injuries as a result were minor. Part of what made getting through the snow storm was the amount of people picking up a shovel, tow rope, or whatever else they could do to help their fellow man, and one resident in Rosetown opened up their home to some storm stayed strangers.

After putting up a post on Facebook offering shelter to whoever needed it, Duayne Leys, a member of the Rosetown Fire Department, played host to a couple from Alberta and their dog who were storm stayed trying to get home from Saskatoon. For Leys, the decision to allow some strangers into his home for the night was an easy one.

"I'd actually put it on Facebook but I got a call from one of my former deputy chief that said that he had some friends that had some kids that were stranded in Rosetown and I said 'give him my number, send them over'. So they come over and we had a really good, nice chat, really super nice kids."

Leys continued on saying that the couple was appreciative to get out of the storm after being stuck in Rosetown with no where to go for quite a while, "Actually they were so tired that I got up and left for work and my wife was leaving shortly after, and they were they were still asleep. They were so tired, my wife actually had to wake them up and say 'guys, make yourself at home. There's coffee made, the pot will shut off on its own, there's bread on the counter, there's milk in the fridge, just help yourself'." 

This isn't the first time Leys has opened his home up for strangers storm stayed in the area. During a blizzard in 2017, Saskatchewan was rocked with a blizzard with similar wind speeds to the ones we saw on Monday as high as 90km/hr, but the 2007 snow storm brought 25 cm of snow along with it.

"We had done this once before and a young lady and her baby stayed at our place and we're still in touch with each other on Facebook and that was probably 15 years ago."

Along with Leys offering up his home, there was a number of other people who deserved some recognition as well.

Levi Lock drove around Kindersley on Monday assisting vehicles with booster cables and tow ropes to get them out of snow drifts, and helped get a couple of radio station vehicles unstuck during the day.

Also helping get some radio station vehicles out was Kyle Kerr, who was originally called out to help get his girlfriend free from the storm but end up helping a number of people with a shovel and some elbow grease pushing vehicles out.

The name Gary Becker (possibly spelled wrong, apologies if that's the case) was mentioned by the Kindersley Fire Department for getting out and helping direct first responders to the vehicles that had injuries in them from collisions in Monday's pile up.

In the Eston area, Riley Moore was called out for a number of rescue missions and snow blowing.

Finally, Adam Hennessy's name was mentioned as well when helping get people unstuck around West Central Saskatchewan.

If there's anyone you want to send some recognition not on this list, then send a text to (306) 463-4649 detailing who they are and how they helped out.