After a wet week of weather around the region, more moisture could be on the way early next week.

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Terri Lang shared what's coming.

"We know that there is a weather system coming. It's just a matter of how far north it's going to track, because it is coming through sort of the northern states. Through Montana type of deal." said Lang, comparing it to the system rolling through this week.

With a slight reprieve currently in the forecast for Saturday, it could be short lived. Lang described just how the moisture makes it's way across the border.

"It's looking to be fairly vigorous, meaning there is a lot of energy associated with it, and it's being fed like this one was too by the thunderstorms that form in the United States. Then the moisture gets sucked into Canada with the system, so that's where the moisture comes from."

Lang wouldn't advise against any snow hitting the ground, thought it would be much more preferable for the fields if it rained.

"Hopefully we will get some more rain out of that one, and not more snow. Because when it starts snowing, you only get about 1 millimetre of rain for 1 centimetre of snow. So, it's actually better if it's raining, you get more out of it."

Lang is confident the rain drops won't freeze, and expects peoples gauges to fill up once again.

"It's looking promising in terms of the amount of rain that is coming with it."

While the rain is hampering work for some, producers have to be loving it, and firefighters too. Another week of rain will have west-central on the fast-track to looking like summer.