Middle and high school students in Kindersley have been treated to the opportunity of a lifetime this week.

Only in a Canadian school, would a day be set aside for dogsledding.

The Conner Family Racing & Tours team has been travelling around West Central the past several weeks showing off their operation. 

"My name is Charlie Conner. I'm a dog musher from Loon Lake, Saskatchewan."

Charlie Conner_0.jpg Charlie Conner (left) proudly standing next to dog mushing legend Curtis Erhart (Photo via Conner Family Racing & Tours on Facebook)

Conner shared that the unique experience is often enjoyable for many, who might not quite know what they are getting themselves into.

That was exactly the case for West Central Online as we were just going for a simple interview, but ended up going for a ride on the sled:

Conner was joined in Kindersley by Anais Pascaud. Students were taught about everything from the background of dogsledding in indigenous cultures, all the way to the different lingo used behind the sled by Conner to get their canines moving.

On Monday, it was the Elizabeth School Grade 7 and 8 class out on the track, and on Wednesday it will be the turn for Grades 5 and 6. Today saw the high school come on out.

Aside from their three days here in Kindersley, Conner shared where else they have been around West Central. 

"Kerrobert, Biggar, and Dinsmore. That's where we have been down south here," he said with the dogs barking in the background.

Conner says they also travel through Alberta, Manitoba, and everywhere in between.  Anyone who manages to get a lap in will likely remember it for a lifetime.

IMG_7951.jpgGuided by a pack of dogs, this sled has been doing its fair share of laps around West Central lately