Carrying off last week's warmth, continued warm temperatures are in the forecast to start the week.

The majority of west-central Saskatchewan won't see a serious warmup until the end of the week. Highs of +4, +8, and +7 are currently set for the start of the week around Kindersley, and Rosetown. As usual, Leader will be stealing the show as the hot spot with consistent highs of around 10 degrees beginning Tuesday, with the warmest day expected Wednesday at 13 degrees.

Nighttime lows aren't expected to reach below -5 degrees, and the only precipitation coming up is current set for late at night on the weekend. Monday morning was foggy, and the freeze-thaw temperatures could make for more poor visibility as the week goes on.

Keep up with local weather by using our local weather page HERE. Follow along with the radar as snow is in the forecast to end the week.