Saskatchewan residents should soon be receiving their War Amps key tags in the mail.

The key tags should be delivered to residents next week, and this free of charge service provides tag holders with a confidential number assigned to each individual with their address attached to the keys.

Leanne Holtvogt, Provincial and Regional Rep for the War Amps in Saskatchewan, describes the importance of the key tag program.

"The key tag service was started back in 1946 as a way to provide employment for amputees coming back from the war. The key tag service continues to offer employment to a number of amputees and other Canadian individuals who have disabilities."

Should you lose the article attached to the key tag, simply call the 1-800 number on the back of the tag which will put you in contact with War Amps who have a confidential database, which identifies who the tag is attached to, and the keys will then be sent back to the owner by bonded courier.

Another option is if you happen to find a set of keys with a key tag attached to it, drop them in any mailbox, and they will find their way back to the owner.

Holtvogt details one of the main programs the funding goes towards.

"War Amps receives no government funding and they don't do any other fundraisers such as door to door fundraisers. So this is the sole fundraiser that the War Amps uses to fund all of their amazing programs. One of the main programs that is funded by the key tags is the War Amps child amputee program, which I have been a part of."

If you do not receive your key tag simply call 1-800-250-3030, or go online to to register.