2nd Update 9:53 AM CST

Dec 3 road conditions 10 amScreenshot of Highway Hotline as of 9:50 am on December 3. 



Highway Hotline Dec 3Screenshot of Highway Hotline as of 6:50 am on December 3. 

December 2nd

According to the Highway Hotline, travel is not recommended on Highway 14 from Wilkie to the Alberta border. Also on the TNR list is Highway 21 from Junction 374 and Junction 21 all the way up to the Junction of Highway 40 north of Unity. The same goes for Highway 17 between Junction 14 and Junction 40.

TNR Dec 2Screenshot of Highway Hotline as of 2:10 pm on December 2. 

Make sure to check the Highway Hotline for the most up to date road conditions, which can be done here.