Patrols around the Biggar area this past week resulted in members dealing with 26 occurrences, including some heavy traffic education in the Springwater area with three of six tickets issued this week coming from that area. Another five other motorists were given warnings.

The biggest call of the week saw a reminder of what happens if you don't secure a load, as after reports of two Alberta vehicles racing in and out of traffic westbound on Hwy 14, a semi-truck lost its load resulting in a sewer holding tank hitting the road along the Perdue Golf Course.

Holding tanks.jpg Clean-up was required in this call to service

The next notable call detailed a black Dodge Caravan with no plates, leaving Biggar westbound at a high rate of speed according to police.

After stopping for fuel the driver of the vehicle left without paying for their gas, leading the Unity and Macklin RCMP to both make attempts to engage the suspect male. He avoided their inquiries, and it's believed the van moved past the Alberta border.

High speeds meant no pursuit was engaged for public safety reasons, though they did sound the alarm for members in the Provost area to keep an eye out for the loose Caravan.

Gas and Dash.jpg Suspect and suspect vehicle pictured here 

The rest of the report included a vehicle catching on fire in the RM of Eagle Creek, though no other property damage took place. Property damage did almost take place when one neighbour kindly offered to paint the other's house with a paintball gun.

There were a pair of noise complaints, separate in nature in both Biggar and Perdue. Also in Perdue, there was a report of youth once again climbing on the light tower on the north side of the railway tracks.

Looking at the railroad, CN Police were called to report two crossing malfunctions, as well as a fire on-board one of their locomotives west of Biggar. Local fire crews were called to the scene and there were no further updates provided.

Finally, members would assist in the removal of a 60 year-old male who was found living outside in Rec Valley. He brought the attention to himself after being found lighting fires in the brush area, and creating an environmental concern with the collection of trash according to reports.

Biggar Sgt. Dereck Crozier also wanted to share that they are inviting the public out for a BBQ in September. Find details on that below.

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