When news broke of a Unity family being involved in an automobile accident outside of Rosetown which resulted the parents being rushed to hospital, local baker and owner of Ma & Me Bakery Jennifer Belcher, decided to spring into action and help out anyway she could. 

And the way she could was selling cream puffs and other baked goods on January 20, with the proceeds going to the Ducherer family, who was involved in the automobile accident. Belcher explains how the idea came to raise money for the local family. 

“I used to work at the Co-op Home Center and the Ducherers are very well known there because they own their own building company. So, I found out from some people that I used to work with and then I read his wife’s (Facebook) post and both of them were pretty badly injured from it and they would have a long recovery. So, I mean when both parents are down and out that's got to be tough, right? So, anything that I could do to help, I thought I'd help as much as I could,” Belcher said. 

Belcher was overwhelmed with just how much support the Unity area gave to the fundraiser, and she said it couldn’t have gone any better. 

“It went really well. I lost count of making cream puffs at 500 and I looked in my system the other day and I made just over 800 cream puffs,” Belcher added. The total money raised for the Ducherer family was $2021.30 according to Belcher. 

The big total made for the baked goods sale was a testament to how much the Town of Unity and surrounding area came together to help out the Ducherer family in their time of need. 

“Everybody was fully supportive. We were busy from the moment we opened at 6:00 am until a little bit after 5:00 pm even. People that couldn't make it were phoning and asking if they could put in an order and pick it up the next day,” Belcher said. 

As for the Ducherer family themselves, Belcher said Vicki had been transferred back to Unity hospital earlier this week, and Sheldon remains in Saskatoon. It remains a long road ahead, and Belcher was more than happy to help out the Ducherer family during this critical time in their lives.