A full day of events is scheduled in the Town of Unity for Canada Day. Things start off at the Unity & District Museum at 8:00 am, as Vice President of the Museum Azure McGonigle explains.   

“Starting at 8:00 am until 10:00 am, we have our pancake breakfast and that's put on by our museum board. It sounds like most of our groceries are being donated this year so everything is going to be pure profit for us. It's $10 a plate, $25 for a family, then at 10:30 am we have a church service at one of the churches here on our grounds,” McGonigle said. 

Also on the agenda, is the Unity Volunteer Fire Department bringing out some fun stuff for the kids.  

“We have the Unity Volunteer Fire Department coming in with a giant slip and slide. They're doing a 50/50 draw with children under the age of 12. They put in $2.00 and whoever slides the furthest wins half the pot. They're also bringing in a foam pit and a tetherball, so then they can use the hoses off the trucks to do like a tug of war with the tetherball up in the air,” McGonigle added. 

There are also some pretty cool exhibits the Town is planning to open up, one of them with a significant history.  

“We are unveiling two new exhibits. One is the original Kilwinning Masonic Lodge #73. We just donated the entire large upstairs of the Adanac Hall and it is 111 years old. We did some research over the past week, and it is the oldest complete Masonic Lodge exhibit in the province of Saskatchewan,” McGonigle said.  

There is also horse drawn wagons throughout the day, and some special live entertainment will begin in the afternoon. 

“At 2:30 pm, we have a world winning Jake Vaadeland and the Sturgeon River boys coming. They are going to be performing until about 4:00 pm and then we have Diane Skog taking over until about 5:00 pm for entertainment After that. 5:00 pm is when our second annual chili supper starts and all the buildings are open as well,” McGonigle explained.  

The thought of finally bringing people together after two and half years of being isolated has McGonigle excited for the weekend. 

“I like to think that this year is about bringing our community together and I'm really seeing that with having a new business come in, a new group that is starting up, the fire department helping us out again this year. The volunteers coming out, left, right and center to help us put this day on. It's truly bringing our community together, especially after the last two and a half years of being isolated and separated from everybody. So, I really want to think that this is going to be our biggest Canada day to date and we're really going to have a good time,” McGonigle said cheerfully. 

They are currently still looking for some volunteers for the Canada Day festivities at the Museum, and you can contact Chris at 306-228-4464 if you are interested in helping out.