The Town of Cabri has played host to a furry companion over the last couple of months. 

A lone Pronghorn, which was initially sighted earlier in the summer located near the grain elevators in the town, has slowly integrated itself into the daily lives of locals. 

Nancy Gummeson, Manager of the Produce Section at the local CO-OP, said that the young animal appears to be thriving, despite being left alone to the elements at such a young age. 

“He just goes into peoples’ backyards and munches on some green lawns,” she explained. “He seems to have found a way to survive anyway, and he's done pretty well because he was quite little when he seemed to be on his own. He's managed to survive the coyotes and he's a tough little guy.” 

She added that although efforts were initially made to escort the antelope out of town for his safety, the youngster was determined to stay put. 

“As the summer went on, he just became quite comfortable with people,” she explained. “People would notice he'd start following them a little bit, and they'd see him in the park. Now, he's kind of all over town.” 

Gummeson also noted that the young animal holds a special connection to the town of Cabri, seeing as the town's name means antelope in Cree.  

The town’s new resident is now a frequent visitor at the school and enjoys gallivanting with children during recess. 

Residents in Cabri have asked that children don’t feed the animal in order to encourage the young antelope to establish its own food sources and are hopeful that their new companion will eventually find a mate and move on.