Hello again.

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I might have dubbed the above link my final “Scoop with Coop” near the end of the blog. I have contributed a few blogs on different topics since, but I make the rules, and the rhyme scheme and personal branding is just too good for me to shy away from.

Now, looking at relevant topics, baseball!

The Blue Jays unfortunately JUST missed the playoffs, and took an ugly fourth place in their division, though any real fans know this was Toronto’s best season in the last few years.

The Tampa Bay Rays were the cream-of-the-crop all year in the AL East, while the Yankees and Red Sox jockeyed positions ahead of Toronto in the Wild Card and didn’t budge as Boston would eventually take down New York in the single game elimination to take on the division winning Rays.

Boston lost 5-0 in Game 1 to Tampa, but then rebounded with a huge win last night 14-6 to tie up the series. Instead of looking closer at the series (reminder you can LISTEN to the series on Classic Hits Radio 1210/1330) we are going to open our ears for a tremendous call on the Classic Hits airwaves that saw Tampa’s Randy Arozarena attempt a daring steal of home.

You can listen to the radio clip at the bottom, and here is a video of the impressive feat.

As a Cubs fan, I am more of a Javier Baez fan when it comes to home plate theatrics.

Baez is a magician on the base-path for anyone who may not know, and that steal of home back in 2016 was the first of its kind in the playoffs since 1907! For selfish reasons, here is another one of many insane slides from my man.

Now because I was selfish, here is a reminder that my man got traded to the Mets.

Major League Baseball isn’t for everyone, but the stakes no doubt get higher into October. Again Classic Hits Radio 1210/1330 will have select series available through the MLB Postseason, and you can tune in for the Red Sox-Rays during the ALDS!