Edam 3 Stars have a young talented squad with a hunger for winning. They also come from a town and team with a long tradition of winning. It was no big surprise to see them score first.

It was Brady Deobald scoring for Edam. The assist came from Joel Blaquiere. Klippers tied the game just 14 seconds later, with a goal from Kyle Donaldson.

Edam's forcheck was on point in the first period. They cycled the puck well and got a couple more to make it 3-1 after the first. Joel Blaquiere and Cody Danberg scored for the away team.

The second period saw Edam fall into some penalty trouble. With Zach Nedelec in the box and a delayed penalty on the way, Djay McGrath scored for Kindersley.

It was the only goal in the second period of this highly anticipated and well attended game.

Josh Sim tied the game in the third, and the crowd went wild. Imagine their reaction when Carson Grolla scored the go ahead goal with 4 minutes left. He actually sniped this one with a wrist shot from the point.

Darian Dziurzynski can smell blood. He gains the zone and drops the puck for Damon McKenzie, who rifles one at 3-stars goalie Jake Taylor. Taylor bobbles the rebound and Dzuirzynski makes it 5-3 late in the 3rd. 

Djay McGrath got the empty netter.

That's the entire regular season in the books for the Kindersley team. 

Sunday also saw Kerrobert in Hafford. The home team Hafford Hawks won 6-4.

If SWHL playoffs started today:


1. Kindersley



2. Wilkie


6. Biggar

3. Edam


5. Hafford 

4. Macklin


1st round is best of 3. Most teams still have a couple games left so this playoff bracket may be presumptuous. 

2nd round is best of 5. 3rd round of playoffs is the league final. Wilkie won 6 years in a row 2014/15 up to 2019/20. 21/22 season was cancelled. Macklin won it last year.