After they both withdrew from noon-hour supervision and extracurricular activities Monday, each of the Sun West Teacher's Association and Tri-West Teachers Association will be included in continuing job action this week, to a different degree.

The two teachers association's house educators within the local Sun West, and Living Sky School Divisions. Things are now back to a rotating basis after Monday's provincewide withdrawal, meaning after no sanctions on Tuesday, Wednesday will see Sun West members withdrawing from noon-hour supervision for the second time this week.

The school division posted the following statement on social media on Monday morning.

"On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, there will be a withdrawal of noon-supervision by STF members in Sun West School Division as part of a provincial one-day rotating withdrawal of noon-hour supervision . In the interest of student safety during this withdrawal of noon-supervision, we are encouraging parents and caregivers to make alternate noon-hour arrangements for their children if possible. Regular classes will occur. There will be no disruption to the supervision of students during recess."

Living Sky School Division teachers will be withdrawing from extracurricular participation through the Tri-West Teachers Association, set to be the second time this week clubs, sports, and more are canceled. The Association posted the following graphic on Facebook, hinting at any potential further job action on Friday. 

Saskatchewan Teachers Federation President Samantha Becotte spoke to reporters on Monday about the continued efforts to try and spur the government back to the table with a new mandate.

"Teachers are ready to negotiate these items. We are ready to have a genuine, back-and-forth conversation, and get us to a point where all parties in the agreement are satisfied."

Teachers will be continuing to give proper notice, but the STF is directing parents to their local school divisions on specific information says Becotte.

"Teachers are providing additional notice so that parents can be aware, and make alternate arrangements if necessary. But it is a school divisions responsibility to get that information out to parents," said Becotte as that news should be provided in a timely manner. "If there are concerns about the direction a local school division has taken, I encourage parents, and caregivers ,and families to speak with a local school-board-trustee, or the director of education as they are the ones setting these plans in place."

Another chance to share information took place last night during the STF's virtual "Parent & Caregiver Info Night". Outside of the Monday news conference, the STF has put out four separate releases since Saturday announcing this weeks' job action, the most recent coming just after 9:00 AM Tuesday announcing more job action set for Friday.