After the record braking temperatures earlier this week, a shift in the weather is expected late this weekend in the region. Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Terri Lang explains.  

“Temperatures will still be hovering around freezing (over the weekend), so sometimes it makes it a little bit harder to estimate how much will fall, but it does look like it's about that 10-to-15-centimeter range.  

Lang also said the wind will also be gusty Sunday, which will cause a bit of a dicey travel day. 

“We could see some blowing and drifting snow. I think Sunday is going to be a bit of a messy travel day.” 

As for temperatures after the snow next week, Lang anticipates a cooldown, but still above seasonal temperatures.  

“We're getting into a slightly cooler pattern, but it is still going to stay above seasonal averages until probably mid-week or so. Average highs for this time of year are around -7 and average overnight lows are around -17. So, still running slightly above average, but certainly a change from the subtropical weather we seem to have been experiencing for the past week or so.” 

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