The Biggar RCMP's latest list is out. The report for May 13 was jam-packed with a scary situation in town, speeders on local highways, and rural thefts.

Beginning with a situation nobody wants to be part of, a 43-year-old suffered significant injuries following an altercation with a loose dog.

"A Great Dane escaped from its fenced yard on the 400 block of 3 Avenue East and attacked an unsuspecting pedestrian walking by on the sidewalk at the time." stated SGT. Dereck Crozier in the report, confirming the injuries.

While this unfortunate situation was somewhat unique, Biggar does seem to have a loose canine problem, peaking as of late. 

"Last week five various calls were received on different dog owners and their irresponsibility in keeping their animals under control," shared Crozier. "The majority of dogs are good until they are not, and although accidents happen, ultimately as an owner you are responsible for your dog and controlling it at all times, otherwise you may find yourself on the wrong side of a lawsuit and answering for the damages caused by your animal in civil court."

Several traffic tickets were written during the week, some a lot more serious than others. A $578 fine was given to a vehicle travelling up from Kyle on Highway 51, that for driving more then 35 km/h above the posted speed limit. Topping that, another fine came in at $731, for once again traveling 35 km/h above the speed limit.

Other highway complaints saw a semi-driver out of Asquith being given a reminder after using engine brakes through town. Another semi driver was reported after the suspicion of impaired hauling towards Parrish and Heimbecker, though nothing came out of that. Police did hand out an impaired driving charge during the week, however, as a Ruthilda driver was stopped during the afternoon on Highway #51, found to be impaired. The individual will appear in Biggar Provincial Court on July 3.

Police also opened investigation into a few thefts during the week. The list included a battery stolen from a piece of equipment near Centre Road, a Suzuki RMZ 250 taken from inside the RM of Perdue. The other two thefts in the report came with a suspect, as a 17-year-old managed to steal a vehicle from a local business and later return it with minimal damage. The other suspect caught by police was a 32-year-old individual from Calgary who was using a stolen golf cart en-route to finding true love.

"Tracked down his tinder crush and graced us with his presence by creating seven various complaints ranging from theft from a vehicle, stealing a golf cart and taking it for a joy ride, to causing a disturbance at the hospital before being arrested and sent out for treatment to the Dubé Centre in Saskatoon."

The final two calls of note for the week came after a dead bird was found in a water bucket at a residence. The complainant was curious of the disposal technique, feeling that the bird might be connected to an influenza B outbreak. Finally, a couple parting ways saw a Playstation controller lead to a domestic dispute.

Biggar RCMP dealt with a total of 48 calls to service during the week.