Impaired driving is the focus of the December Traffic Safety Spotlight, which means drivers can see an increase in police enforcement through the holiday season. 

SGI says check stops will be conducted frequently across the province this month, and you never know where or when you will encounter one. Last year, police across the province held dozens of check stops during December, and SGI says that tradition will continue this year, in addition to other less conspicuous forms of enforcement. 

SGI asks people to find a safe ride home and to make sure any vehicle you are in has a sober driver, to ensure your stay at a check stop is brief and pleasant. 

“Making the choice to find a safe ride ensures not just our own safety but the safety of everyone around us,” SGI President and CEO Penny McCune said. “Together, we can make sure our celebrations are filled with joy, warmth, and safety for all."  

Any driver may be asked to provide a quick breath sample into an approved screening device to ensure they haven’t been drinking. SGI reminds drivers that police have access to oral fluid testing devices that can determine whether a driver has recently used cannabis. 

SGI says when it comes to getting home safely during the holiday season (or any other time), you’ve got options: 

Call a sober friend or family member to come pick you up.

  • Select a designated driver for your group (or volunteer to be one)
  • Take a cab, a rideshare, a designated driving service, or Operation Red Nose
  • Use public transit (you can ride for free on New Year’s Eve in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw)
  • Stay the night

“While Saskatchewan has made strides in decreasing impaired driving collisions and fatalities over the last decade, even one person hurt is too many, because impaired driving is always preventable,” stated SGI in a release. 

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