Written with files from Marna McManus 

Snowfall on Monday begrudgingly helped start what was supposed to be a fairly nice week around the region. The positive news is that it shouldn't last for long.

"It will be interesting to see how much of it will stick around," commented Meteorologist with Environment Canada, Terri Lang.

Snowfall followed by a melt is a typical weather pattern for this time of year. In fact, daytime highs are forecasted to be in the single plus digits this week, and around west-central Saskatchewan has already noticed highs around +8 to start the week.

Temperatures are expected above the freezing mark through at least Thursday, where overnight rain from Wednesday could carry over, eventually resulting in snowfall during Thursday night's expected low of -11. Current overnight lows are only reaching around -2 degrees.

Any precipitation with these conditions will likely make for slippery roads. Lang advised people to take extra caution when walking or driving, as it'll likely be more slippery out there.

"Being close to freezing and then refreezing, when things are melting, always makes for slippery conditions, and we know the most slippery conditions are when the temperatures are right close to freezing."

While everyone is trying to predict what might be coming next with the weather, especially with things already noticeably warmer and drier for December, Lang exercised caution to those (especially on the roads) enjoying the unseasonable conditions.

"Everybody's got to be prepared for winter driving conditions, and that's making sure that your car is prepared and ready for winter driving, and that you've checked the highway hotline and the winter weather forecast before heading out on the roads."

Find the full five-day-weather forecast for west-central Saskatchewan HERE

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