The 2023 Saskatchewan Grasshopper Survey was recently released after another high-volume year of unwanted critters.

Different parts of west-central Saskatchewan seemed to be a hot spot. Severe to extreme levels of grasshoppers were noticed in both the RM of Milton #292 and RM of Chesterfield #261. The RM of Prairiedale #321 and sections of the RM of Mariposa #350 both have high volume signs, but nothing close to what's seen near the border.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 112820.jpg Screengrab from 2023 Grasshopper Survey via

The government release states that outside of the formal survey, high grasshopper populations were also reported in the Rosetown and Outlook areas.

"These populations were not seen in the survey but were significant in localized areas."

Another dry growing season has the experts expecting continued grasshopper pressures in 2024. Two-striped grasshoppers were the most recognizable, followed by significant numbers of lesser migratory grasshoppers according to the release.

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