Champions of last weekend’s Badminton Districts face off Saturday in Rosetown. Participants came from all corners of the district to show their athleticism and sportsmanship,  

Leah Rusk Athletic Director for LCBI was quite happy with how districts turned out.

“It was a great day of competition with many matches being closely contested. Badminton is such a great sport to showcase not only the athleticism but the sportsmanship of our students who are responsible for their own scorekeeping and lines calling. “ 

There were 40 participants who attended to show their hard work and dedication. 

The results for districts include: 

Girls Singles: 

1st- Taya Green  (Rosetown) 

2nd- Ayla Stevens  (Kindersley) 

3rd - Abigail Friesen (Dinsmore) 

Boys Singles: 

1st- Brody Harris  (Outlook) 

2nd- Finn Asnanto  (Dinsmore) 

3rd- Will Campbell  (Elrose)  

Girls Doubles

1st- Ceanna Fischer & Hannah Weber - Rosetown 

2nd- Camryn Nelson & Angel Sodhi - LCBI 

3rd- Alexis Elstad & Darling NcNeely -  Dinsmore 

Boys Doubles: 

1st- Willem & Dawid Wessels - Kindersley 

2nd- Daxen Wilinski & Landon Fortin - Elrose 

3rd- Kyler Follick & Aiden Tran - LCBI 

Mixed Doubles: 

1st- Amiyah Jones & Cooper Flath - Dinsmore 

2nd- Rei James Dalisay & Kori Owens Nahoreney - Biggar 

3rd- Boyd Anderson & Maddy Anderson - Rosetown 

The top 2 of each set of matches are heading to Rosetown this Saturday for Regional playoffs and Provincials will be held in Nipawin the following weekend.