The first of the month is the time where consumers can expect to see a decrease in their SaskEnergy bill.

Since Cabinet approved the proposal to decrease energy bills on Oct 20, Saskatchewan residents have been waiting to see an overall decrease in the cost of their household energy.

Initially proposed to begin on November 1 of last year, the movement was delayed due to an outstanding balance in the SaskEnergy Gas Cost Variance Account.

The variance was not expected to resolve itself until January 1.  

Starting effective immediately, consumers can begin to notice an overall decrease in their monthly bill of approximately $5 per month, which will work out to approximately $53 dollars a year.

Come Jan. 1, expect to pay less for natural gas in Saskatchewan.

Jim Reiter, the Minister of SaskEnergy has been reported as saying the Crown Corporation will be able to provide both rate protection and stability for customers, depending on their individual consumer needs with

regards to commodity market pricing during the harshest winter months.