As the weather starts to warm up, it's a great opportunity to get outside with your family and friends and enjoy the outdoors.

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation has a great program called the "Bigfoot Snowshoe Loan program."

Doug Gibson, Education Director for Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, said that it's one of their more popular programs.

"We usually run it, open up a booking for the snowshoes in November, and usually by the end of November we are full with a waiting list so, very popular. What it entails is if you're a member or a non-member of a local branch throughout the province, you can access snowshoe sizes for your organization or for your kids, and we use a third party to ship them out." 

Gibson said that the kids and groups can have fun with the snowshoes, and once they're done they can send them back. He said they have sizes for children, all the way up to adults.

He noted that although they have a waiting list, people can still book their snowshoe rentals for the rest of the winter.

"Sometimes people's plans change, so yeah, just get a hold of us here at the office and ask for myself and I can walk you through what you need to do and try and help you out." 

Gibson said that they're encouraging everyone with this nice weather to get outside.

"Go fishing, go snowshoeing, go cross country skiing, get out, take the kids out, get them used to the outdoors, just enjoy being together as a family and just enjoy the outdoors. If you are interested in doing projects and other activities you know, give us a call or check out our social media."