Pamela Wallin
Pamela Wallin, the Saskatchewan senator who is one of three senators embroiled in the Senate Scandal

Saskatchewan is leading the way when it comes to calls for the Senate to be abolished.  Talk of scrapping the upper chamber have been circulating for months as the senate scandal came to light... but yesterday, Premier Brad Wall introduced a motion to make it official.
Wall believes most Saskatchewan people think that the Senate no longer serves any useful purpose and is not worth the nearly 100 million taxpayers’ dollars it costs each year.
The government motion simply reads: “That this Assembly supports the abolition of the Senate of Canada.”
In reality, the motion can't get rid of the Senate but is more of a statement of position.  The Supreme Court of Canada is expected to rule on exactly what's needed if Canadian provinces are truly interested in getting rid of the Senate. At that point, a constitutional amendment would be needed with the the support of other provinces and the federal government.