Communities across the province are participating in a number of events and activities this month for different occasions.

This week tends to be a busy time for residents with the number of initiatives to go along with the changing seasons and as we approach the summer months.

One initiative the provincial government is endorsing from May 7th to 13th this year as Occupational Safety and Health Week. The week-long event is recognized by Canada, the United States, and Mexico as North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) week to help encourage employers and employees to be healthy and safe in the workplace and at home.

The focus will be to Make Safety a Habit, this year's theme for NAOSH, which will incorporate a variety of education presentations based on safety issues in the workplace. In addition, NAOSH is accompanied with the provincial government's Mission: Zero campaign, which works toward zero injuries, zero fatalities, and zero suffering.

A large committee of representatives help with planning for the week every year as well. Representation is drawn from the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, Saskatchewan Safety Council, the Government of Canada, Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, and the Workers' Compensation Board. The group creates a number of promotions and activities coinciding with events across Saskatchewan.


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