Scammers are using the Saskatchewan Traffic Safety Bureau in their latest attempt to pry people away from their money.

The Saskatchewan RCMP shared some tips on Tuesday after becoming aware of the scam text circulating the province. Falsely representing the Traffic Safety Bureau, the scammers send a text message stating how the recipient was "captured speeding in a designated school zone", followed up by a link to attend court. 

The first, and biggest red-flag in this situation is that police will never contact you directly in these situations.

"The Saskatchewan RCMP reminds the public to be vigilant when receiving unsolicited text messages or phone calls. Saskatchewan RCMP does not send information about traffic-related tickets via text message."

Other common tips that apply to this scenario include keeping records of potential scam-texts, never texting back and blocking their number immediately, and to NEVER send any money or gift-cards if they request.

Anyone dealing with fraudulent behaviour should always report it to their local detachment. Connect to police stations in the area by dialing 310-RCMP, and remember that scams can also be reported at 1-888-495-8501 through the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

These tips were in the Saskatchewan RCMP's all-inclusive report for May 13-19.