The Sandhills Boxing Club out of Leader has been busy over the winter season. This includes a provincial boxing title win by Ryder Bredy back in January, and one by Willow Blohm as well. 

We caught up with coach Ken Blohm from the Sandhills Boxing Club and he said they are getting ready for a couple of big events coming up later this spring. 

“We are very excited about what's coming up. We have one match in Regina in two weeks, but we are gearing up to join a team that Saskatchewan is sending to Nova Scotia at the end of May.” 

Blohm said the team they will be joining is the North Battleford Boxing Club, as a coach from the Club hails from the eastern province. 

“Our club is joining with North Battleford. The coach is actually from Nova Scotia, and they've lined up a way for our teams to make a work to get down there at a reasonable cost, and we are very excited for this opportunity. Nova Scotia. Let's go check it out.” 

The competitors continue to get ready, and as mentioned earlier a couple of them are reigning provincial champions. 

“The competitors, they've been working hard. Ryder and Willow are both 12 and 10 years old here, and both are provincial champions. We're so proud of them from the last year.” 

West Central Online will be in contact with the Sandhills Boxing Club before they head out to Nova Scotia in late May.