Located upstairs at the Kindersley Golf Course Clubhouse, Oozie's Lounge has always been staple for the course.

The lounge has had several different operators throughout its many years at the regional park, and the latest set of people to take on the food and beverage contract aren't looking to change much other than the menu, and the restaurants stature among the everyday eating options Kindersley has to offer.

The new venture in town also represents a family atmosphere, as one of Wayne Samson along with his wife Paulette, and daughter Cheyenne can now be found at nearly any time working in the lounge.

Sambo Wayne Samson familyFor the time being, Wayne, Paulette, and Cheyenne have accomplished the dream of working together as a family unit

They have been open since the beginning of April, despite the course only opening up on Sunday, and have used the past month to gauge the interest of the community; which has been positive to say the least.

Using some of his business college smarts and the motivation his mother gave him from back home out east through her own take-out establishment back in the day is what inspired the affectionately nicknamed 'Sambo' to take a leap of faith and take on the restaurant. Some prior chefs training helps too.

"My mom was a good cook, my old man was a good cook; so it just became a passion."

He says that passion sometimes presented itself as a hobby, and having fun with things is just what you need in the restaurant business. Samson has already mapped out a solid plan of different theme nights at the lounge, and as a massive sports fan, a new big screen TV just in time for the start of the NHL playoffs will certainly help bring in some extra patrons as well.

Multiple nights a week of cheap chicken wings, along with a steak night should also help. Fish and chips are available every Friday, and then continuing to show his east coast flare, he shared his upcoming plans for weekend donairs at the course.

"We are going to try to put them on weekends for the golfers in the summertime," he said, "They are homemade, very tasty, the sauce is very good."

Unless hidden away somewhere, it has to be shocking for people that know Samson not to see any Montreal Canadiens or Expos logos in his establishment. Anybody who knows the man from out east knows that he loves Montreal with a passion, and tons of time spent around the city and its fine eating establishments have to create even more inspiration for this current stage of his life. He talked about just how the opportunity came about.

"We talked about it before, for a couple of years. But we talked with (them) about this spot, and thought it would be a money-maker for them. It just took the initiative, somebody to run with it type of thing."

Between his already detailed background, his wife's experience in the food industry, and their daughters penchant for helping her parents succeed; they certainly seem to be doing it right.

"It was just the perfect storm. Thought we could give it a whirl, and it's great being able to come to work with your family everyday. Not everybody gets the chance to do that."

Kindersley Golf Course Hole 9Things should be starting to pick up even more with the course now officially open

Samson says business has been good over their first month, and the support has been incredible to see. He knows any good establishment has to earn that type of support, and though the clubhouse restaurant has always been around, he is looking for ways to make it a community staple that has the ability to stay open year round for out of season events like a dart league, or even other gatherings people may be interested in such as a trivia night.

"I think the community itself enjoys having this here. Quite the feedback anyway, and the foods been pretty good. I haven't heard any complaints," he laughed.

Lots of their work goes into creating a good time, but when it really comes down to it, the food is something very integral to the head chef's heart. Whether it's staying late to serve customers wings who just missed the kitchen, or making sure the perfect burger comes out of the back, Samson knows what really matters in the food business.

"The biggest thing with cooking is consistency. If someone is going to be there when I'm not I'll make sure they're putting the plates together the exact same way I'm doing them," he said with a passion, "You don't want to come in looking for a burger and the next day you order, it's different, or the club is made totally different you know? There's an art to it, right?"

The Friday night fish may be frozen, but he is happy to share that everything that comes out of the kitchen is as fresh as can be.

Oozies menu

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