The Town of Rosetown had an ace up their sleeve. They just had to pull him out of retirement first. Darcy Olson returns as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). He had served in the position from 2001 - 2011, and caught Mayor Hay by surprise to see that he would be willing to serve the public in this role once again.

"It caught us by surprise because he was retired. He decided to come out of retirement and offered his services. He has 30 years of experience in municiple governance, and we appreciate his expertise moving forward. It's just a pleasure to have him back."

New councillor for the Town (Jason Hunter) was sworn-in at October's regular council meeting. Hunter was elected October 13th. Regular council meetings are the third Monday of every month.

councillor jason hunterJason Hunter (photo from Town of Rosetown)

Mayor Hay also commented, "he was sworn-in right away and we got right to work. It was nice for everything to fall in line so we could continue with our projects that we have going on. We're gearing up for paving next year. We will have consultation with the residents of any of the proposed streets that require paving."