Curling at the Rosetown Curling Club is well underway. Club President Jason Waldner said the numbers reflect those of last year, and is hoping for more people to join up.

"Our numbers have maintained, but we would definitely like to see them grow. Especially after the pandemic, we want to see people getting out and doing more activity. It's a good time, we have a good group."

Even if you are unable to join a team full time, Waldner said they are always looking for spares.

"If you just want to try it out, but don't have the time or unsure if you are unable to make the full commitment, we'd love people to sign up or identify as spares, because we are always looking."

There is currently an open league every Thursday and a senior league as well, but Waldner said they are exploring other options on different days as well.

"We are still looking at getting our mixed or our doubles going. But for now we just have the open league."

Anyone interested in joining can email, or call Jason at 306-831-9603.