After a less-than-stable set of freezing conditions, the Riverhurst Ice Road is also shakey.

Normally, this ice road allows motorists to cross Lake Diefenbaker during the colder months. 

This year, due to the lack of cold and irregular highs interrupting the regular deep freeze, the ice crossing has been in question. The answer to this question is one of finality from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways. 

"Opening of the Riverhurst ice road is weather-dependent," said the Sask. Ministry of Highways. "Given the milder-than-typical temperatures over the course of this winter, the Riverhurst ice road will not be opened in 2024."

This is not the first time the ice road has failed to open, but it is the most recent. 

For more information and up-to-date road conditions, travellers are always encouraged to consult the Highway Hotline. By checking the hotline for closures, delays, or other interruptions like large loads on the move, motorists can avoid running behind or into trouble.