The Saskatchewan RCMP is asking for the public’s assistance in helping identify human remains that were found in the RM of Moose Jaw, just east of the City of Moose Jaw. 

Moose Jaw RCMP received a report from a landowner of human remains in a remote area on April 28 and the identity of the person is still a mystery. At this point, the RCMP believe it is just one person and the death is believed not to be suspicious in nature. 

“If anybody remembers seeing somebody or giving somebody a ride that could match this description, any little detail could help us identify who it is,” said Corp. Craig Park from the ‘F’ Division Historical Case Unit. 

RCMP believes that the remains have been in the area for around 10 to 12 years due to the items found. An example Park gave was that a tube of toothpaste was found with an expiry date of 2013. Police contacted the company and learned that a tube with that expiration date would have been produced in 2012, narrowing the timeline. 

Other items found at the site included backpacks, a sleeping bag, toiletries, clothes, combs, shaving razor blades and a tarp. The items were found in an area between a railroad track and a creek. Because of the items found and the location, police believe the person may have been camping in the area. The gender of the person is also unknown. 

“We have no definitive signs or anything to say it’s male or female. Just based on the items in the area, we believe it to be a male, but again, we don’t know that for sure,” Park said. 

The police are also not ruling out that the person was transient and not from the area. 

Parker noted that the remains and items were found scattered due to predators and other elements over 10 to 12 years had moved items. The RCMP had Search and Rescue out to the site to sweep the area and currently, police are focused more on the immediate area where items were found. 

Parker added that the remains found were “very limited” and matching DNA would help if they had a subject to match it with. Dental records are an angle investigators are looking at but have not pursued yet. 

He said multiple units of the RCMP have been involved with the investigation to uncover any items or evidence that would help identify the remains. 

“We’re reaching out to different units to anybody that can assist, forensic anthropologists. There’s a lot of animal bones and stuff around as well, so a quick picture to them and they’re able to say that’s human or that’s not human,” Parker said.  

The RCMP have also not ruled out the idea of bringing a police dog trained to find human bones. 

Because foul play is not suspected in the death, Parker said the RCMP wants to solve this mystery so that the family can have closure. 

“As we work these files with missing persons, anytime we find remains, everybody that’s got somebody missing, of course, want to know is that our loved one,” he said. 

Parker added that any bit of information from the public will help. 

“If anybody remembers seeing somebody or giving somebody a ride that could match this description, any little detail could help us identify who it is,” he said. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Historical Case Unit at 639-625-3156. 

Below are some of the items that were found at the site: (Photo credits: Shawn Slaght and Saskatchewan RCMP)