Reactions, both provincially and locally, will be on the way after Wednesday afternoon.

The provincial budget is slated to come down inside the chambers of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, and Premier Scott Moe previewed the budget release with a post on social media earlier this week.

Moe's post online included a video where he dove deeper into the budget, opening up with a preview of what's being announced in the budget surrounding education. 

"This budget will deliver the largest ever increase in school operating funding, up $180 million, nearly 9 per cent." said Moe, before moving into other key points. "It will deliver the largest ever increase in revenue sharing for Saskatchewan communities. Cities, towns, villages, and RM's will be up about $42 million dollars, or 14 per cent. It will deliver the largest increase in healthcare funding in Saskatchewan's history, up $726 million dollars, or more than 10 per cent."

Moe says classrooms, care, and communities are the main priorities for this year's provincial budget. He says that many of the problems in the province caused by underfunding are behind us, saying that in the upcoming budget, "you will see the government respond to the challenges of a growing province by re-investing the very benefits from that growing province."

The Premier ended the video by letting residents know they can check out the new provincial budget for themselves when it comes down Wednesday, for more specific information on the mentioned investments.