Last week we surveyed our listeners on some Christmas traditions, including on how early is to early to put up your Christmas tree? The answers were split down the middle as the Christmas spirit clearly hasn't made it into everyone's home. 

Screenshot 2023-12-05 080016.jpgScreengrab from poll

Half of the respondents did in fact have their tree up prior to December 1.

"I like to put it up early because it just sets the Christmas vibe."

"We usually do it around December 1. No real good reason why."

"Tree is put up when Advent starts."

The other half wanted to wait until a little closer to December 25.

"2 weeks before Christmas."

"Not before December 1."

"Two days before Christmas and down before New Years."

A majority of the short answers were in support of putting up the tree early. One person answering just appreciates the overall flare of Christmas.

"I absolutely love all the lights of Christmas."

The other question tabled in last week's poll had to with the type of tree going up in your household. A majority of people went, "artificial all the way", while a small portion of the population prefers fresh pine.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 080948.jpg Screengrab from poll

The only thing left to ask, anybody else have a white tree?!

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