There is another neutral site hockey game headed to Outlook tonight. 

After hosting three SMAAAHL Saskatoon Blazers games over the past calendar year, tonight is the Junior B Delisle Chiefs time to shine:

Hosting these games has created exciting opportunities for the Town of Outlook and Recreation Department specifically. Director of Recreation and Community Development with the Town of Outlook Megan Anthony has enjoyed seeing the special events come to town, and was eager for the opportunity to work with the Delisle Chiefs to bring yet another game to the Jim Kook RecPlex so early in 2023.

The response from residents has been great each time so far, and outside of a homecoming event last year, we got in touch with Anthony to learn just why the Town has stepped up as a neutral site so many times over the past year.

"There isn’t a reason on our end for hosting these neutral site games other than having ice time available for the out of town teams," started Anthony, "But the community seems to be really enjoying having some new teams come to town! From the Recreation Department's view point we are trying to host as many events in our facility as possible and the learning opportunity that comes from hosting these types of groups has been very beneficial to the level of service we are able to provide our local teams."

Anthony said the biggest reward for them is seeing how Outlook and surrounding communities come together and enjoy the facility that they work so hard to maintain. It's also great to be able to give back, as Anthony provided some details around the Outlook Kidsport donation that is taking place alongside tonight's game.

"The local KidSport committee has sponsored some free tickets for ten lucky youth in our community which a draw was done (Wednesday), and there were 20 nominations and ten of them won and in return the Delisle Chiefs graciously agreed to split their share of the pot with the KidSport committee as a donation."

With tonight's hockey game being the first big event of calendar year for the Recreation team, we asked Anthony what else they have planned coming up.

"We are planning a winter festival to take place in February and have plans on advertising very soon. We are busy with hockey, curling, archery, gymnastics and bowling leagues at the Jim Kook RecPlex currently. The Outlook-Rudy Fire Department is working really hard to get our CO-OP Community Outdoor Rink ready to be used as well!"

Anthony wanted to give a shoutout to Brennan Hall with the Delisle Chiefs as the two worked together to make this event come together. As noticed above, the game is set for a 7:30 PM puck drop.