Announced back in January, the Sask West Hockey League shared a new award honouring a former leader within the league.

The Bill Cey Memorial Award will be given out to the league's hardest working player, as each season every team in the league will nominate one player with a short explanation as to why that player deserves this award.

"These are the 8 nominees for the inaugural Bill Cey Memorial SWHL Hardest Working Local award. If you put this group together on one team, they wouldn't lose very often," said Joe Cey as the overall winner will be announced mid-February.

Check out the nominations and reasons why for each player below, and also find the original article at the bottom of the page with current SWHL President Joe Cey as he detailed the reasoning behind the award:

(Submitted by Joe Cey)


I would like to nominate local Mitch Wall. He has captained our team for around 15 years. Our team goes as Mitch goes. He IS 3 Star hockey. To thank all the kids for supporting us, he bought 100 mini sticks with 3 Star logos and handed them out at the last game. True class, and by far the hardest working player on our club. Mitch also coaches minor hockey and has served on the local Rink Board for the last 4 years.


We, from Macklin nominate Tyler Baier. He never misses practice, is on the executive, helps coach U9 in Macklin, and also helps run a power skating session for the youth.


Derek Argue. He is not only our captain but ends up being assistant coach, and a team leader. He makes every game. He and his wife get involved in all of our fundraisers in some capacity. Works hard on the ice and is a good example of work ethic for the rest of the guys. Never complains and is always positive and fair to everyone. Most times, his wife and three young kids come to games to show support and cheer him on. I think he deserves recognition as a shining example on and off the ice.


Nolan Acton. Nolan has been part of the team for six years plus a couple games as a U18. Games or practices, on the road, or at home, Nolan is there giving his all. No complaining to coaches, management or officials. He's there to play hockey with all he's got. I don't think anyone will say he's the smoothest skater, or the best puck handler (including him), but he will compete like no one else. Helping load or unload equipment for road trips, involved with functions, Christmas Street Hockey, Rodeo Days BBQ, whatever the Unity Miners are doing to promote the team Nolan is there to pitch in. The coach and manager of the Unity Miners are pleased to nominate Nolan Acton.


I'd like to nominate Kobe Kindrachuk for Hafford's hardest working local. He comes to the rink every game and the team knows exactly what they are going to get from him, he is willing to do whatever it takes to win.


The Wilkie Outlaws would like to nominate our captain, Andrew Herle. Not only does he put in 100% effort every night, when he ended up with an injury that kept him off the ice, he was at the games, in the dressing room, doing whatever it took for the team. He and his family, along with the farm business are also very involved in the community. Andrew is now coaching kids' hockey, and the farm business is always willing to sponsor and support wherever they can.


Kindersley nominates 40-year-old veteran captain, Troy Boisjoli, Troy, currently in his 15th season of senior hockey, is nominated for his hard work and dedication to his hometown Kindersley Senior Klippers. He works from Monday to Thursday afternoon away from his family, and then he's back to coach his two daughters U7 practice, followed by his daughters U11 practice. And that's how every week goes for the duration of the winter. Not only is he the heart and soul of the senior hockey team, but Troy also makes it a priority to be involved in all 4 of his daughter's hockey teams.


Kerrobert nominates young Avery Cholin. He is a farm kid raised around a livestock only operation. They manage their own herd year round. Avery has been apprenticing with SaskPower during this season and has spent many hours driving on his own to get to as many games as he can. He works full time on the farm as well and is always eager to play. He doesn't make every game, but when he does his effort on the ice is always the same (100%). He plays with the passion to succeed that many have lost in today's game. He is neither a sniper nor a big tough guy. Avery plays a hard nosed fast physical game that reminds us of better years of the sport when not everyone felt they were a toe drag specialist with a release like Connor McDavid. We applaud his effort and dedication he provides to our team. He is our hardest working player, who happens to be local.