Some big news has come out from SaskPower, which will significantly impact the Rosetown area.

 A new 10,000 square foot building will be built in the industrial area of the community which will house its regional operations. SaskPower is also building a storage and pole yard, and installing a small solar facility on our land adjacent to the building.   

Scott Campbell, Director of Properties & Shared Service with SaskPower, talks about the progress of the new building. 

“We've awarded the contract to VCM Construction, and they've mobilized to site. They have a construction trailer on there, and the first you'll see is lots of aggregate, gravels and sands come in to start on the foundations, and then in the next two weeks, we're going to start foundations and then ultimately, obviously you start with foundations, and then you start putting up the walls,” he said. 

Campbell then talked about what else the new building will include 

“Ultimately, we'll be building a four-bay shop. And then there'll be an attached office space to it to house about nine or ten SaskPower employees. In a corner of the lot will also be putting some solar on the ground that will feed the building,” he added. 

The need for a new building will also give the workers some much-needed space as well. 

“What this allows us to do is it allows us to move out of the leased space that we have in Rosetown, we're sharing some of the office spaces with a couple other tenants. We're sharing some of the shop bays with other tenants and then the yard where we have some of our materials. We're sharing that space also so; this allows us to pull all of our operations under one roof, and put it in a facility that we own,” Campbell added. 

The new building should be complete towards the end of next year, or early 2024. 

“Construction will be done towards the end of 2023. And then we obviously go in and we put in our furniture. And then we start the moving process of the employees and their equipment and all the materials. We're saying we'll be done the building in early 2024,” Campbell said.

The construction of the building, yard and solar facility were made possible through the purchase of four industrial lots from the Town. 

Expect to hear more from SaskPower and some reaction from Rosetown residents, in the near future.