The NDP has picked up two of a possible three seats in Thursday's provincial byelection.

Noor Burki was the top vote-getter in Regina Coronation Park receiving 56.6 per cent of the vote (2,039 ballots), while Jared Clarke garnered 54 per cent of votes (2,395 ballots) in Regina Walsh Acres to win that seat.

The Saskatchewan Party had held the two Regina seats since 2011.

Blaine McLeod was able to hang onto the seat in Lumsden-Morse for the Saskatchewan Party with 53.7 per cent of the vote (2,648 ballots).

McLeod will replace long-time Saskatchewan Party MLA and former agriculture minister Lyle Stewart who announced he was stepping down due to health reasons in March.

Stewart had been MLA in Lumsden-Morse since the constituency was created ahead of the 2016 provincial election.

Thursday was the final day of voting, with voting week starting on Aug. 3. Elections Saskatchewan says 3,013 votes were cast in Regina Walsh Acres during the first five days of voting. Regina Coronation Park saw 2,475 votes cast while 1,861 votes were cast in Lumsden-Morse

Saskatchewan's next general election is scheduled to take place in October 2024.


Votes: 4,933
Registered Voters: 13,391
Voter Turnout: 36.84%

Les Guillemin - Buffalo Party, Votes: 56 (1.1% )

Kaitlyn Stadnyk - New Democratic Party (N.D.P.), Votes: 1,064 (21.6%)

Isaiah Hunter - Saskatchewan Green Party, Votes: 38 (0.8%)

Blaine McLeod - Saskatchewan Party, Votes: 2,648 (53.7%)

Jon Hromek - Saskatchewan United Party, Votes: 1,121 (22.7%)

Rejected Ballots - 6 (0.1%)


Total Votes: 3,603 
Registered Voters: 12,415 
Voter Turnout: 29.02%

Noor Burki - New Democratic Party (N.D.P.), Votes: 2,039 (56.6%)

Olasehinde Ben Adebayo - Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, Votes: 222 (6.2%)

Kendra Anderson - Saskatchewan Green Party, Votes: 122 (3.4%)

Riaz Ahmad - Saskatchewan Party, Votes: 1,131 (31.4%)

Reid Hill - Saskatchewan Progress Party, Votes 85 (2.4%)

Rejected Ballots - 4  (0.1%)


Total Votes: 4,433 
Registered Voters: 11,777 
Voter Turnout: 37.64% 

Jared Clarke - New Democratic Party (N.D.P.), Votes 2,395 (54.0%)

Rose Buscholl - Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, Votes: 215 (4.8%)

Joseph Reynolds - Saskatchewan Green Party, Votes: 38 (0.9%)

Nevin Markwart - Saskatchewan Party, Votes: 1,783 (40.2%)

Rejected Ballots - 2 (0.0%)

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