NDP leader Carla Beck says she's disappointed that the Saskatchewan government and the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation are back at an impasse. 

The Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee and the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation resumed negotiations at the beginning of the week but those talks quickly came to an impasse.

Job action is set to resume on Friday with further action set to continue after the February break.  

“I'm not sure that the minister understands the game that he's playing here. This is our kids' education, their future, and the Sask Party is treating it like a game of political chicken,” said Beck in a press conference Wednesday. 

Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill said in a video posted to social media Tuesday night that he's "Disappointed to hear that the teachers' union has once again walked away from the bargaining table." 

The STF said that the provincial government had approached them directly about a proposal. The STF responded saying that they will not take part in negotiations outside of the bargaining table. 

“There is a requirement not just to do enough to be able to release your next Twitter video,” said Beck. “The Minister needs to understand that this requires goodwill. It requires good faith, and it requires sitting down and being willing to bargain.”