Some teams have already kicked off the 2017-18 hockey season, while others are just getting prepared for try-outs across the province. Once the middle of October rolls around, games will begin in all towns around West Central Saskatchewan.

The game of hockey wouldn't be possible without a few referees to control the game and keep everything running smoothly.

Referees are allowed to sign up to be an official for the year and there have already been Ref-Clinics to attend in order to be a sanctioned ref in the province. More clinics will be available in places like Rosetown, Kindersley, Kerrobert, Biggar, Unity, Outlook and Delisle in October.

Trent Cey, Officiating Manager at SHA, talked about the increase in classroom clinics available in the province.

"We have 85 clinics across the province that run until the end of November. It's important to pay your online fees and finish your online modules before entering one of the clinics."

If you're a first-year official learning to ref, or have been reffing for more than fifteen years, you must attend a classroom clinic and attend an on-ice training session in order to complete your course. There is also an online module to complete before you attend the classroom clinic.

This is SHA's way of making sure that officials are preparing themselves for the hockey season. The registration process has become more efficient to better the quality of an official.

To see a list of clinics and to register as an official, you can register on