The Luseland Credit Union is getting in the Christmas Spirit with a special theme for this year’s Christmas season. The business office has been dubbed the Luseland Dough Factory, and General Manager of the Luseland Credit Union Adam Franko explains all the details that went into decorating the office. 

“We decorated the entire office in a kind of a gingerbread Christmas theme, so we made the front wickets look kind of like a gingerbread house and we called it the dough factory. Kind of a play on words there, because there's dough in gingerbread and we also give out dough to people in the form of money. So, we thought we were being pretty funny there.  We always decorate the tree and we have some offices that we have some lights around that kind of thing. Everybody around likes to get in the Christmas spirit so, we get together one evening after work as a staff and we have a lot of fun, some laughs and we get the place decorated,” Franko said. 

When asked about where the idea come from to do the decorating, Franko explained it came up through the marketing committee, among other places. 

“That came up through our marketing committee and through our staff meeting, that we were looking for something fun to do. I know year’s back they had done the Gingerbread building contest amongst the staff and we all thought that would be a great way to have a little bit of fun and maybe get some bragging rights if yours was the selected winner,” Franko said.  

Franko also said the winners of the contest will announced sometime after Christmas. 

“Everybody puts their own little spin on the House. And I know Santa Claus Day was in Town on the weekend and there were lots of people in the branch, and they're all looking at the different houses and putting their votes in and what they think should be the winners of the contest. I'm sure we'll make the draw here shortly after Christmas.” 

Expect to learn the winners of the contest when announced here at West Central Online.